"Thought is wonderful, but adventure is more wonderful still". Oscar Wilde



"Extensive travelling ? We'll do that later": That was our credo for years. Today's comfort zones are pleasant and the daily routines make life largely predictable. But life is too short for "someday". So after more than 30 years on the job it is time to consider other options. For us as a travel enthusiasts the option is clear: see as much of the world as possible!


Having travelled many countries by motorbike, in 2015 the idea was born to build an expedition vehicle. Since then our project is running. We are currently in the construction phase of our Mercedes Benz Vario 4x4 (called "Benny"). It's like a house building project: kitchen, plumbing, heating, solar, electric, etc. must be thought through and everything has to fit together. 


So far, we are well on track: We took decisions regarding our professional lives, we made the truck driver's license, we bought a reliable truck chassis and we have chosen a good builder for our expedition rig. Also, our household is in the process of beeing reduced, however this task is still challenging.


We decided for a Mercedes Vario 4x4 in the 7.5 ton class because we can realise our comfort levels with this vehicle, the Vario has a good manoeuvrability and the technology is considered to be extremely robust. Here is a photo how Benny will look in April 2018 (very similar):

With our Benny we will explore Europe in 2018 and 2019, because there is still so much to discover for us. In 2020 a 2-3 months trip to Iceland / Scandinavia is planned. After that we should have enough experience to master the Panamericana.


On this site we will present our plans to build the expedition vehicle and then also document our travels. If a reader feels encouraged to start a similar project, another goal of this website is fulfilled.