Construction of the subframe

In autum 17 Woelcke built the subframe made of steel.  This subframe also includes a sliding frame for the mechanical outside ladder. This ladder is made of aluminium. Photos of the subframe (not yet galvanized) and the already completed outside ladder below:


After galvanization of the subframe , the frame is fixed again on the chassis to adjust the floor plate of the body.

Building of the body

The whole body was built by Woelcke in December 17.  Some facts about the body construction:

  • 50mm sandwich panel construction with 2mm fiberglass on each side
  • 60mm floor plate, same sandwich panel structure as for the walls and ceiling


In January 18 the vehicle was transferred to Brixner to get its painting in RAL color 7032 grey. For the painting all removable parts of the driver cabin were removed (doors, hood, windshield) and all hollow spaces received a special anti-corrosion treatment. 

Wedding of chassis and body

In February 18, the chassis got married with the body. A big event, and for the first time we realized how tall our vehicle will be.