Technical specifications

During February and March 18, Woelcke worked on the completion of the vehicle. Some technical features:

  • Heating: TRUMA Combi D6 E (diesel heating for warm water and warm air) plus a kit for high altitudes (over 2'500 m)
  • Cooking: 24kg gas tank, 3 burner CAN gas cooker, no standard oven or microwave (we use an Omnia oven to save weight)
  • Tanks (all self-built by Woelcke): 400L fresh water, 200L grey water and 220L diesel (90L + 130L  extra tank)
  • Windows and roof hatch: KCT
  • Fridge: 120l KISSMANN compressor
  • Toilet: KILDWICK composting toilet with 12V fan and separate urine tank 40L (saves weight and water compared to flushing toilets)
  • Dry bathroom: shower separated from the bathroom
  • Water: FAMOUS WATER filtering system, outside shower
  • Climate: no air conditioning (saves weight), but two fans for air circulation
  • Solar: 3x100 watts on the roof
  • Battery: Lithium ion 2 x 160Ah
  • Beds: two longitudinal beds in the alcove, FROLI comfort sleep system
  • Awning: THULE 2,60m x 2m
  • Tires: mobile compressor system to inflate all tires
  • Outside lights: additional 2 HELLA heavy duty headlights in the front (Ref value 40 each)
  • WLAN: BATLINK Travel Connector
  • Back-eye camera: DOMETIC
  • Diesel prefilter: SEPAR with water separator


Based on the Floorplan, Woelcke made a first furniture prototype in December 17.  With this prototype we were able to shift the sidewalls a bit left or right, until we reached a final position. This final layout set the frame for the furniture production.  

Furniture production started at the beginning of 2018 with the kitchen block. All fronts have an oak laminate.

Toilet and bathroom

We decided for a KILDWICK composting toilet to avoid the search for dumping stations and to save water. The solid waste goes into a composting bucket and the urine goes into a separate 40 litres tank. The shower is separated from the bathroom.


In the kitchen we use quality devices from CAN (3-burner gas cooker) and KISSMANN (compressor fridge)

Energy management

Power supply comes from 300 watts solar on the roof.  Battery storage is 2 x 160 Ah in Lithium-ion technology. Furthermore we have a 24kg LP gas tank  only for cooking. Heating is done with a TRUMA diesel/electricity heater. 

Diesel and water tanks

Tanks are all self-made by Woelcke. Pictures show the fresh water tank, the grey water tank, the urine tank and the additional diesel tank. Together with the standard diesel tank, the diesel capacity will allow us to go for more than 1000 km. 

Windows and roof hatch

We decided for KCT windows, which are very heavy and expensive, but have the highest quality also in high altitudes. Window frames are painted in the same colour as used for the body. There is also a KCT roof hatch in the alcove.

Storage boxes

Our Benny has 4 storage boxes under the chassis, all self-made by Woelcke.


We use a BATLINK travel connector with a 74cm mobile antenna and a reach of 3km to have access to WLAN networks.

Additional headlights

To improve the light power of the Mercedes Vario, our Benny has 2 additional HELLA LED headlights with a Ref value of 40 each. The headlight carrier is powder-coated. 

Finishing works

Some finishing details, like chequer plates for the wheel arches, the garage and the front protection.

99% done

End of March 18 our Benny is 99% done. Some minor things still to do like the mirror in the bathroom, entrance steps and fenders.

Final optimisation work

During April 18 and before hitting the road, we do some further technical improvements. For example, stronger shock absorbers from MARQUART are mounted (to avoid swing movements of the body while driving) as well as an oil drain plug from RÖLEX (to protect the thread). Furthermore a diesel filter from SEPAR is installed to protect the engine from bad fuel. Finally a mobile tire inflation device is stowed in the storage compartment.