We, Sybil and Christian, are a Swiss/German couple living in the greater Zurich area / Switzerland. After 30 years in a challenging job we started to think about a plan B. But we have our kids, the dog, the garden etc. So before we really can hit the road and go on a world trip, it will take some time. But: The design and construction of our expedition vehicle takes time and the preparation and planning of the journey is also an exciting part of our project.


For the last 25 years we travelled with our motorbike. Countries explored on two wheels were: Albania, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France including Corsica, Greece, Iceland, Italy including Sardinia and Sicily, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Morocco, Montenegro, Norway, Austria, Romania, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Tunisia, Hungary, USA.  Countries explored on 4 wheels:  Cuba, India, Israel.


For us, a comfortable expedition vehicle is the optimal tool for our longterm travelling, because going with a motorbike on long trips you have to face too many compromises. With the motorbike we travelled during our normal holidays. We experienced many beautiful locations and moments, but there was little time to stay longer at nice places and to learn more about the country and the people. With our Benny we want to take us this time.