"To travel is to live"Hans Christian Andersen


 We, Sybil and Christian, are a Swiss/German couple living in the greater Zurich area / Switzerland.


"Traveling for months or more? Let's do this later." It took us some time to recognise: Life is too short for "someday". It makes no sense to sit in a comfortable chair in front of your desk and to follow all these vloggers on Youtube on their adventures. We want to create our own travel story. So after more than 30 busy years on the job we are now following our own route: See as much of the world as possible! Traveling, meeting interesting people and enjoying good food is our main focus.


For the last 25 years we traveled with our motorbike. Countries explored on two wheels were: Albania, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France including Corsica, Greece, Iceland, Italy including Sardinia and Sicily, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Morocco, Montenegro, Norway, Austria, Romania, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Tunisia, Hungary, USA.  Countries explored on 4 wheels:  Cuba, India, Israel.

So far we traveled during our normal holidays. We experienced many beautiful locations and moments, but there was little time to stay longer at nice places and to learn more about the country and the people. This will change now. Having traveled all these countries, the idea was born in 2015 to build an expedition vehicle. In 2018, after a waiting and building time of 2 years, our Benny (an expedition vehicle based on a Mercedes Benz Vario 4x4) was ready for the road. We decided for a Vario due to the high payload, making a spacy and comfortable cabin possible. Furthermore the Vario has a good drivability and the technology is very robust. The Vario has good offgrid capabilities, so we can go off the beaten paths.  


Before we ship our Benny to Canada to drive down the Panamericana (2021 or 2022), there is still a lot to discover in Europe. In 2018 we traveled to Italy and France and we did a first offroad training. We are still improving and completing our equipment. And we are visiting overland meetings to build up a network. In 2019 we will explore Iceland for several months, followed by Portugal and Albania. Let's see what comes afterwards ...

And this is Julie, our sausage dog and third crew member. She loves to travel with us. Unfortunately totally unqualified as a watchdog (she is too cute).